Philosophy classes for everyone on Monday evenings at 6.30 pm at the Hobbayne Centre in Hanwell. To register interest or book, contact us or visit our meetup page. Like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter using @WLdnPhilosophy.

The West London Philosophy School offers philosophy education the way the Ancient Greeks intended it. No dry lecturing on what dead, bearded men published in obscure journals, but engagement with philosophical questions that matter to all of us. No prior knowledge of philosophy is necessary and our pay-as-you-go option offers flexibility. More information about the tutor can be found here.

In each class, we will discuss a philosophical question using not only the work of historical and contemporary philosophers, but also poems, news items, thought experiments and stories. In advance of each session, the topic of the week will be published along with relevant online resources. No homework or preparation is necessary to fully participate in each class, and each class tackles a different topic, so there is no disadvantage to participants who have missed any previous classes.

Each class lasts 90 minutes, with a short break halfway through. At least half of this time will be dedicated to group discussion.

See the list of topics on the right or the blog for an idea of the topics we discuss. The West London Philosophy School is committed to the value of diversity. We aim to cover not only the well-known philosophers and themes in the history of western philosophy but also topics, questions, methods and philosophers that have historically received less attention in western philosophy courses.

Feedback and input is always gratefully received. If you would like to submit a suggestion, testimonial or comment, please contact us.


Classes take place on Monday evenings at the William Hobbayne Centre in Hanwell.