Booking is on a first come, first served basis. Booking can be done via meetup or contacting us. There is a waiting list.

Please cancel as soon as possible in advance if you have booked but are unable to come after all. This is a matter of courtesy to those on the waiting list. Those who repeatedly fail to do so may be denied future bookings, temporarily or indefinitely.

Booking a place is strongly recommended. Failure to book can lead to not being admitted to the classroom. You can drop in to see if there are any last minute cancellations, but this is at your own risk.

Pay as you go payments can be made at the beginning of each class or during the break, in cash – correct change strongly preferred – or by cheque. Block-of-five payments can be made in cash, by cheque or by bank transfer.

The block-of-five rate is only valid for five consecutive classes, starting from the first class after payment. Once you purchase a block of five, a booking for the next five classes will be made for you. There will be no refund if you miss any of these five classes (please send a notification anyway, in case there is a waiting list), nor the opportunity to redeem any missed classes. If however the tutor cancels a class, or any of the next five classes is already fully booked, then any missed classes can be redeemed at a later date. Booking necessary.

The tutor reserves the right to deny access to the classroom – temporarily or indefinitely – to any person displaying disruptive behaviour. This is entirely to the discretion of the tutor.

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